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Deafinite Interpreters

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Deafinite Interpreters Ltd (Deafinite) is an independent specialist BSL/English interpreting agency with offices based at Exeter Deaf Academy.

Deafinite provide BSL/English interpreters across the whole of the South West in a huge range of settings. They have numerous agreements and contracts with various local organisations/authorities including local police forces, health providers and Exeter Deaf Academy.

What training do Interpreters need / have?

Interpreters need to have good generic training and a high level of skills working between two languages, English and BSL, and two cultures, Deaf and hearing.  

Qualifications are required in the languages an interpreter works between along with intensive interpreter training (NVQ Level 6 and/or Post Graduate certification).  The interpreter role is to provide communication to ensure equal access for all parties and to enable Deaf people to make informed choices and decisions.  Interpreters work across all domains from birth to death (and anything in between!) and can be booked for medical appointments, legal work (including the police), social services, religious meetings, political work, theatre, to work with Deaf professionals and so on.

Professional Accreditation 

All of the interpreters employed by Deafinite are NRCPD (National Registered Communication Professionals Working with Deaf and Deafblind People) registered. This means that all Deafinite staff are DBS checked, are appropriately trained and qualified for the work, must complete mandatory CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and have insurance cover.  In addition all interpreters are accountable for their practice and abide by a Code of Conduct that ensures competency, impartiality and confidentiality.  By booking a registered interpreter you can be assured you are getting a professional and if you are not happy with the service provided you can give feedback or make a complaint.

A BSL/English interpreter can be used in almost any setting to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing parties.  As BSL has its own structure/ grammar rules it isn't simply a case of substituting a sign per word, the interpreter will use their skills to process sentences/phrases/instructions given in English through to BSL (or the other way round) changing any word order/structure to ensure that the meaning/intent is kept in tact, without losing any of the information given.  They will do this in such a way as to create minimal disruption to the normal flow of the conversation/presentation/meeting etc. that is being interpreted. 

For more information about the Deafinite team and how to book their services, please visit: