Initial enquiry 

Georgia McGrane, our Student Placement Administrator, will gather some general information about your situation and needs and you can ask questions you have about the Deaf Academy. This is usually by telephone, but can be by email, Facetime, Skype or even a visit from one of our key staff.


The next step is to arrange a visit (either at your home or here at Exeter Deaf Academy depending on what works best for your family). This will be with Mark Stocks – Assistant Principal for Assessment and Progression. We will discuss with you the provision at the Deaf Academy and answer any questions you may have. From this we will gain a good understanding of your needs and if we feel that the Deaf Academy may be able to meet those needs, then you will progress to the next step of completing an application form and a pre-assessment form and come for an assessment visit.


The assessment is a one to two day visit to our campus in Exeter for you and your child. The assessment consists of visiting classes and meeting our on-site therapy team. This is a personally tailored assessment process, and for those who intend to be resident at the Deaf Academy would include an overnight stay in our residential care accommodation. A report is generated after the assessment visit.


We endeavour to support as many students as possible but also want to ensure that we offer the best service possible so that every student has a positive and enriching experience with us. This means that whilst we will put in place what we can to enable every student who reaches the assessment stage to come here, we also know our limits and will not offer a place if we cannot provide an excellent service for your child as an individual.


If we decide that we can meet your needs and your child decides they would like to come here, with your permission, an offer of a place is made to your Local Authority. The Local Authority decides whether they will fund your place here. This may take some time dependent upon their processes.


Once the offer has been confirmed, arrangements are made for your child to start at the Deaf Academy.


Georgia McGrane is your primary contact throughout the admissions process and will be happy to talk to you and answer any queries you may have at any stage:

Telephone: 01392 267023

Email: info@exeterdeafacademy.ac.uk

Text (BSL users): 07624 808738

If you need independent advice and support when seeking an appropriate educational placement the National Deaf Children’s Society and other organisations can help.

Admissions Process 

The admissions process involves a number of stages to ensure that Exeter Deaf Academy is the right place for your child and we’re here to guide you through every step of the way.


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