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Speech and Language Therapists

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At the Deaf Academy we have two Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT), Gill Banham who works here full time and Josephine Anning who works part-time.

As fully qualified Speech and Language Therapists, both Gill and Josephine have a degree in Speech and Language Therapy. They are members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Both Gill and Josephine have experience in various areas of SaLT and chose to specialise in Deafness, studying a range of Postgraduate level courses to support their competency in this field.

Speech and Language Therapist Support

Gill and Josephine can support you in a range of ways during your time at the Deaf Academy. They will assess your speech, language and communication skills when you arrive and make recommendations based on their findings to you, your parents/carers and Academy staff. Working closely with Academy staff, Speech and Language Therapists will raise awareness of your understanding and expressive abilities so that you can be properly supported and encouraged to utilise your skills to the full. Throughout your time at the Academy, your speech, language and communication progress and development will be frequently tracked.

Speech and Language Therapists are trained to support individuals (children and adults) with a wide range of developmental or acquired conditions that impact on speech, language and communication, for example children with learning difficulties; children with specific language impairments; adults following head injury or strokes; adults who stammer.
At the Academy, Gill and Josephine will work with you, either individually or in groups, to focus on further developing your skills.

For example, they could work with you to improve your listening skills using your cochlear implant or hearing aids or perhaps to gain a better understanding and use of English grammar. Currently, with the College Foundation Learner groups, SaLTs work through a Live English programme, supporting students’ development of functional English and the skills needed to communicate effectively in face-to-face, non-signing social contexts.

SaLTs work closely with other specialist staff at the Academy to maximise your speech, language and communication development such as the Educational Audiologist and Occupational Therapists.

In college, as many students study at local mainstream GFE Colleges. Gill and Josephine work closely with the Academy’s Deaf Instructors to support you in developing both your BSL and English to the best of your ability. This is to support you to communicate as effectively as possible with your peers in both the deaf and wider community and to help you prepare for greater independence and for your life after leaving the Academy.