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The Deaf Academy has a strong commitment to ensure your overall care and support is paramount and goes hand-in-hand with your education. As such, it has a Non Abusive Physical and Psychological Intervention (NAPPI) in place.

Good relationships are the foundation stones to good behaviour. All members of the Academy, both staff and students, are valued as individuals and expected to show respect for one another, regardless of gender, race and disability. As it can be commonplace for behavioural difficulties to be present among Deaf students, we have learnt that consistency in behaviour management is a key to an improvement in behaviour. As we are a residential Academy, we work with our students in both educational and residential environments. It is important that our approach to managing behaviour is consistent in these different settings.

Generally, physical Intervention is always seen as a last resort. Staff should use their training in Non Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (N.A.P.P.I) to firstly try to avoid such situations and/or diffuse difficult situations without the need to physically intervene. There are occasions when the physical management of a student is necessary and this is only put into practise with the best interests of the individual in mind. The Student Care Plans are written to incorporate the NAPPI psychological skills.