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Person Centred Plans

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At the Deaf Academy, you will create a Person Centred Plan, which unlike your Care Plan is purely driven by you, the student.

Person Centred Plans (PCPs) are important documents as they highlight your life journey so far and what dreams you may have for the future. Your Key Worker, Tutor and Care Staff will work with you to compile your PCP and with their support, you can plan out what is important to you and how you would like to achieve your future goals.


When planning your Person Centred Plan, you will cover some of the following:

  • Explore your relationships, both at home and at the Academy
  • You will think about who you rely on; this could be your family members, friends, professionals, your next door neighbour or even your pet!
  • What is important to you to help achieve your goals and dreams. This could be education, work experience, hobbies etc.
  • You can openly say what you like or dislike
  • You can choose who you would like to help you achieve your PCP goals

You can record your PCP in any form you wish. It could be a powerpoint presentation, electronically stored in general, in a booklet or on a sheet of paper. You can add photos, drawings, notes, anything that you would like to help explain what is important to you. Your Person Centred Plan can be as brief or as long as you like and even if you change your mind, you can change it at a later date. Remember – it’s owned by you!

Care Plans

Every student, no matter if they are in school or college will be given a Care Plan when they start at Exeter Deaf Academy. Your Care Plan is rather different to your Person Centred Plan in that it will contain personal information about you, rather than just the targets that you have set yourself. Your Care Plan has a preset format and is written by the Deaf Academy’s professionals who care for you when you are a student here. It is a record of your health needs; any special requirements you may have, dietary or otherwise, and any relevant information that may be required by those who care for you. You can find out more about Care Plans here.