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24 Hour Curriculum

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If you are a residential student, the Deaf Academy will provide a ‘24 Hour Curriculum’ to support your needs.

The 24 Hour Curriculum covers the Academy’s main aims and transfers them across to the residential provision creating a bespoke and personal picture of your progress and development. It allows the Academy to monitor your everyday life skills, set achievable targets whilst recording outcomes and progress.

Your support needs for personal care and independent life skills will be assessed when you join the Academy and this will form the basis for your targets. As you achieve your targets, you will be moved on to new ones. If you have additional problems that may impact on your achievement of your targets, your progress will still be closely monitored and accounted for. If you reach your potential and/or do not wish to progress on to other hobbies / driving lessons etc. you will continue to have regular meetings with your key worker and this information is included on your progress sheet.

Throughout the time you are in college, you will achieve carefully stepped progress towards independence. Your targets will cover:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Meals: preparation, cooking, planning, shopping
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Social Interaction
  • Communication
  • Public Facilities
  • Social Behaviour
  • Independent Travel
  • Emergency Services
  • Current Affairs
  • Help Agencies
  • Deaf Organisations

Your development is documented by using a range of methods including observations, photographs and film and is recorded electronically in either filmed British Sign Language (BSL) or written English. This enables the Care Team to work with other professionals across the Academy to provide a high level of care whilst aiding in your personal growth, progress and development.