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Residential Activities

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At college, there is a whole host of activities available to you in your spare time. One of the most exciting prospects for our students once they have left school is the freedom to go off the Academy site on their own or with friends.

Our Care Staff will take into account parental/carer consent, the nature and level of your abilities, whether or not you may need staff support and importantly conduct any risk assessments before they take you out on activities and trips. Lots of the activities are built into your Person Centred Plan to help you achieve your future ambitions.

The Care Team will regularly advertise weekend activities that may be of interest to students on the notice boards and you can sign up to the ones which take your fancy. Our students go on trips to the cinema, bowling, for meals out, take part in exercise classes and much more. If you want to concentrate a bit more on your college work, Care Staff can support you with this and for those of you who are age 17+, they can also support you with your Driving Theory if you wish to learn to drive.  

Once you reach 18 you can do all these activities, plus the Deaf Academy wiil give you the freedom to become more independent in your ability to travel and choose your own activities, whilst still providing the support and guidance you may need. Whether you would like to go on day trips further afield; alone or with friends, join clubs such as local sports clubs or the Deaf Club at the pub in Exeter city-centre, go to parties or socialise with your friends just like your peers in the wider community, we can support you at Exeter Deaf Academy to make the most of these opportunities.