Post-16 Pathways

We have 3 possible pathways for Post-16 learners to follow: 


1. Pathfinders

This pathway is suitable for you if you are unsure of what career pathway to take in the future.

This work-based learning programme develops independent skills for adult life, as well as careers and employability skills. This is taught in small class settings by a Teacher of the Deaf, supported by teaching assistants ('Learning Leaders'). 

We offer a BTEC Introductory Diploma in Vocational Skills, with one day a week of work experience. You will also study British Sign Language (BSL) to level 3, following the ABC Awards or Signature qualification, as well as Maths, English and PSHE. Every half term there are PSHE theme days with a focus on keeping safe and having a healthy, active mind.

Our current Pathfinder learners access work experience with a variety of local employers including South West Water, Living Options, City Vets and Halfords.

2. Partner Pathways

You can access the Partner Pathway through two entry points at Post-16 and Post-19.

This pathway is suitable for British Sign Language (BSL) users who are vocationally or academically focused. There are two strands:

A) Partner Pathway Vocational

During your placement at Exeter Deaf Academy you will attend a chosen partner college that offers your choice of vocational course, supported by our Learning Communication Support Workers (LCSWs) and a Tutor.

In tutorial sessions you'll be taught vocabulary linked to your vocational course and discuss associated topics alongside timetabled classes in BSL to Level 3, Maths, English and PSHE with subject teachers and your support worker.

If you are attending a shorter external course, you will attend work experience to gain knowledge in the working world. Our current Partner Pathway Vocational learners are studying a variety of courses such as hospitality, horticulture, small animal care, hairdressing and carpentry.

B) Partner Pathway Academic

This pathway is suitable for you if you know which career pathway you would like to follow in the future, and could suit an academic route to university or college. We work with a range of external partners to support you with accessing specific Further Education courses on entry.

We will support you to apply for your course, as well as througout the interview process. Each half term there are PSHE theme days with a focus on keeping safe and having a healthy, active mind.

Our current Partner Pathway Academic learners are studying a variety of options including Health and Social Care, Drama and iMedia.

3. Pathway to Adulthood

This pathway develops independent skills for work or living. You will attend a preparation for adult life course, accredited through to OCR examining board. This is taught in a small class supported by a teacher and a dedicated team of Learning Leaders.

You will have a bespoke learning programme ranging from Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3, supported with tailored therapies, including Live English and Communications, as well as BSL taught by a Deaf Instructor.

We facilitate work experience opportunities for you with a wide variety of local employers such as Linsfield Farm and Dawlish Garden Trust, and teach life skills to support this - for example catching public transport and buying food in the supermarket. From here you can progress to Pathway to Employment, or be supported with finding employment and living back in your home area.

Each half term there are PSHE theme days with a focus on keeping safe and having a healthy, active mind.