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Work Related Learning

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The Deaf Academy has developed a huge network of local businesses who welcome our students for work placements.

 We refer to this as Work Related Learning. Taking part in Work Related Learning enables you to learn about the world of work; developing the skills, attitudes and personal qualities you need for work and adult life.

Work related learning includes:

  • Careers education advice and guidance to help you learn about different careers and jobs
  • Enterprise and teamwork activities to help you gain basic skills such as dealing with customers and to be more confident communicating with people
  • Visits to different work places where other deaf learners are on work experience to see what it is like
  • Work experience placements so you can try work for yourself
  • Support with mock interviews and developing your CVs
Why is post 16 work experience so important? 

The answer is simple…  

“We learn about work by working in real work places.”

On work experience you learn:
  • To get ready for work
  • To plan and travel to work
  • To get to work on time
  • What it is a like to be in the workplace
  • What it is like to do a job that interests you
  • To work effectively with a Communication Support Worker (CSW)
  • To work independently
On work experience you can:
  • Practice and improve your communication skills
  • Practice and improve your social skills
  • Practice and improve your vocational skills (such as cooking food, using computers, caring for animals)
Will I be on my own on work experience? 

That depends on you, your support needs, your previous experience and the work place.

When you start work experience you will have support from Academy staff. A Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Communication Support Worker (CSW) will be in the work place to help you. As you and the work place staff become confident working together, support can be reduced.  Many of our Deaf learners develop the skills and confidence to go on work experience independently.

The role of the Student Support Workers on work experience 

The Student Support Worker will:

  • Give you one to one support
  • Help you to understand the job and support you to work effectively in the workplace
  • Support and guide the workplace staff so they can work effectively with you
  • Support you to communicate in the work place
The role of the Communication Support Worker (CSW) 

In the workplace, CSWs do not have training or supervisory roles.

The CSW will:

  • Support you to communicate in the workplace
  • Help you and work place staff interact throughout the working day
  • Help with Deaf Awareness and communication strategies
  • Take notes for you and interpret information to help you learn

The college has lots of partners who offer sheltered work experience placements. So even if you have complex needs you can still do work experience.

To view all our work experience partners, please click here.