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As with many other specialist professional staff, confidentiality is of paramount importance in the role of a Communication Support Worker (CSW).

Information that identifies individuals personally is always assumed to be confidential and will not be used unless absolutely necessary. It may include personal information such as name, address, nationality, as well as sensitive information such as health, race or sexuality.

In mainstream situations, the CSW will enable students to discuss their own requirements with their teaching staff. This provides the deaf student with the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their learning in a professional yet supportive manner. Any work CSWs conduct with deaf students remains confidential, as does any information that the student/individual chooses to share with the CSW, their tutor or peers. This information is only disclosed where it is deemed to be a safeguarding issue and students will be made fully aware of the processes involved.

No information regarding a student or member of staff may be given directly or indirectly to anyone, other than staff or volunteers where necessary, without the individual’s prior expressed consent. If a situation arises where the individual may be deemed at a serious risk to themselves or others, then information may be shared.