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Student Care Plans

Every student has a Care Plan, whether they are day students or in residence at the Deaf Academy. The Student Care Plan provides the Academy with a detailed account of your child and they are kept electronically password protected. They are accessible by staff working with your child so that they can become familiar with your child’s individual needs.

Care Plans are compiled by a range of staff at the Academy from Teachers to Care Staff but also parents, carers and external agencies can contribute relevant information to the plan. The Student Care Plan features at your child’s Annual Review and there is the opportunity for you to read and contribute towards its content. It is a dynamic document in that as and when new information is received or current information is no longer valid, they will be updated.

The Care Plan comprises of various sections that will be explained in further detail below.

The Academy will document your child’s personal details such as name, date of birth and emergency contact details. The Care Plan will also make reference to your child’s medical information so Academy staff are fully aware of any allergies or medical conditions, have information on external medical professionals your child may be seeing and also document vaccinations to make sure we keep up to date with required immunisations. Information relating to your child’s specific needs such as hearing/vision details, any special dietary requirements your child may have and specialist therapy needs will be included.

A detailed overview of your child’s independence will be contained within the Residential Information section of the Care plan. This information can be linked to their 24-Hour Curriculum which will help us with target setting, student preferences and what the Academy can put in place to support your child achieving their independence. 

An important part of the Student Care Plan is establishing a Behaviour Plan. Documenting your child’s behaviour enables staff to develop an informal picture of what triggers can cause certain behaviours and how your child may react in different situations. The Care Plan also highlights bespoke positive handling strategies to ensure all staff are well informed and consistent in their approach when dealing with students.

Your child’s Student Care Plan will also feature dedicated risk assessments that could relate to medical, behaviour or residential risks. This section highlights the risks associated with your child’s individual Care Plan, how the Academy staff will manage these risks and the measures in place to support/counteract risks. All behaviour plans have a risk assessment relating to the individual student. This can cover medical, behavioural or residential risks. It details how we manage the risk and the measures we put in place for this.

If you would like a copy of your child’s Care Plan, please visit the Parents’ Area of the site or Contact Us