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Teaching and Learning Approach

Access to play is enshrined in the UN Convention on Rights of the Child. These rights convey the message that children learn best through play, as it enhances language development, social competence, creativity, imagination, and thinking skills.

As our students are visual learners, access to opportunities to develop through play is a critical lifeline to becoming active language learners. The Early Years and Primary curriculum involves many opportunities for our children to learn through play so that they are active learners, discovering things for themselves and developing enquiring minds.

The Academy embraces a bilingual approach to language learning. While sign bilingualism supports the use of British Sign Language as the main and preferred language of instruction to deliver a broad curriculum and develop positive Deaf identities in the students, a major goal is still the development of English and literacy. Literacy development, in the Primary Department, is facilitated by effectively combining sign language with visual experiences of English. Cued Speech is used in the Academy as it gives Deaf children visual access to English, enabling them to turn English into ‘inner speech’, which would lead to ‘written speech’. Cued Speech helps us develop phonological awareness and face-to-face interaction in English, both vital ingredients to the successful development of reading and writing.

Parents of current students have the option of looking at their child's schoolwork by logging onto the Seesaw app. They can also use the app to encourage their child to add homework or things they have done at home to it .