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Secondary School

Having established a strong language in the Primary school, the Secondary school focuses on broadening the range of subjects that can now be accessed through this language. The National Curriculum is followed, with the addition of ‘Access to Learning’ and ‘Deaf Studies’ courses and further teaching in British Sign Language (BSL).

For students who join us at secondary school age, they often need to be re-engaged with the whole idea of learning as their previous experience of education has normally been a negative one.

There is also a focus on the social and emotional development of the student, with access to specialist support for those with mental health difficulties and also specific programmes such as Social Skills Training.

We have an outstanding track record in re-engaging Deaf students in learning, who then go on to achieve excellent results in exams and course work. All students are entered for relevant exams.

The best way of finding out more about the Secondary school is by coming to visit. This website gives you glimpses of what we are about, but only a visit will really enable you to see what the Academy is all about. If you wish to arrange a visit please contact us.

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) we have introduced a ‘Pathways’ programme. This is a QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) backed programme that allows students to gain accreditation, at different levels, for their work in KS3 and, at the same time, build up a breadth of study. All work done, including Enquiring Minds and Communication lessons, will lead towards an award, certificate or diploma. Pathways include, English, Maths, Expressive Arts, Personal Social Development, Science Today, ICT, Healthy Living and Fitness and Humanities.

For the current year we offer at Key Stage 4:



Fuctional Skills

Entry Level Certificate

Other Courses (Level 2)


Level 1



Car Mechanics


Level 2






Food Technology

Hair and Beauty





Small Animal Care






Resistant Materials











WTEC Pathways Programme



Personal Social Development (PSD)

About two thirds of the students are residential and they live at the school for up to four nights a week. In order to allow for travelling time, the school week starts at 9.45am on a Monday and finishes at 2.30pm on a Friday. The Academy’s standard school day runs from 8.45am – 3.30pm, Tuesday – Thursday.

Students predominantly come from throughout the South West and Wales, although we are now increasingly taking students from further afield.

The Secondary school also offers a permeable model, where there are varying opportunities to study within local mainstream schools according to the needs and abilities of the student. A full curriculum can be delivered on site, but where appropriate, students are able to access specialist courses within other schools with our own staff accompanying them to assist them.