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Family Support Service

The Deaf Academy runs a Family Support Service that is led by Jayne Dingle. Jayne is one of our qualified Counsellors and a member of the Association of Family Therapists.

The Academy’s Family Support Service has been set up to support the families of our young Deaf people though we are also able to see other families with a Deaf child. Most families experience problems as they journey through life. You may feel like you are struggling to communicate, that changes are having negative consequences or you are no longer sure what is best for your family. Our support service could help.

We are here to support you with all issues – whether they are affecting physical, mental or emotional health. Our sessions will focus on the family problem itself, not the individuals. We want to help your family understand and cope better with the stresses of life and function well as a whole.

Family support work is about addressing the problem and not any individual; it is very similar to counselling, but focussing on the family as a unit solving any issues rather than the individual. To find out more about our Family Support Service, download the information leaflet here.

The Family Support Service is important for our Deaf students and their families as it can help address communication issues that may arise. Most Deaf children are born into hearing families. This means that for most of the family, their first and natural language is an oral language e.g. English. However, for the Deaf child, their natural language is likely to be sign language. The Family Support Service works collaboratively with all members of the family to support and provide guidance in overcoming these issues.

Everyone can attend, no matter how young or old, and all will have their chance for input.

All sessions are private and confidential.